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With over 88 years of combined expertise and the ability to represent clients federally in all 50 states, we are your go-to legal immigration experts.

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Recent Articles

Sensible Change: Employment Authorization Cards Now Valid for Five Years

Positive immigration news often feels hard to come by, but a recent change by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides crucial help for employment-based immigration. In a pivotal change, […]

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Japanese Nationals Are Issued More E Visas Than Any Other Country

At Valvo & Associates, we frequently handle the intricate E Visa system for clients. Frankly, E Visa qualifications are the most complex among all visa filings and serve as a pivotal gateway […]

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Recapture of Time Outside the United States to Maximize Visa Validity is Under Assault

Immigration and border authorities around the world are suddenly and rapidly eliminating the use of admission and departure stamps into passports of foreign nationals visiting their countries, including the United States. The […]

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